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What is a Max-Shield Paint Protection System?

Max-Shield uses an extraordinarily tough urethane film sourced from leading manufacturers such as, 3M and, Venture Shield Ultra. These automotive grade films have been specifically developed to cover the painted surfaces of a vehicle that are subject to stone damage and abrasion. Each model has a unique kit with specific shapes that have been designed and patterned to provide optimum protection for your car, sport utility or truck.

Why does my vehicle need Max-Shield?

The clear-coat paint systems now in use by the major manufacturers are vastly superior to the earlier processes. However, stone chips, bug damage, abrasion and weathering still create problems for the front end and leading surfaces of a moving vehicle.

Can I see the film after it has been installed?

Max-Shield is a clear urethane film that allows a vehicle's color brilliance to shine through. Under certain light conditions you may find a barely perceptible fine line along the hood where the film ends. This is the only indication that the Max-Shield system is protecting your vehicle.

What does Max-Shield Protect?

The most typical installation is our Full Package which includes the front of the hood and fenders, side mirrors, full front bumper and the door edge guards. Any painted surface can be covered, custom work is available.

I don't have a garage. What are my installation options?

Max-Shield is a mobile business we will come to you! If you do not have a location that meets the heating and light requirements then we have instaliation facilities available for you.

Does Max-Shield really work?

Yes! We have removed film from vehicles that have been in service for several years and the factory finish is perfectly protected. No color difference existed between the unprotected and protected areas. The finish underneath is the same as the day it was protected!

Is it permanent?

No, but it’s as permanent as you want it to be. The benefit of this product is its ability to be removed after years of road exposure, revealing the factory finish paint underneath the product. However, with routine waxing and care there is no need to remove this product.

Can Max-Shield be waxed?

Yes. The Max-Shield surface finish is similar to the clear coat used on your vehicle. We recommend waxing regularly using a non abrasive cleaning wax to bring out the brilliant shine of the film.

Does the film yellow?

No, the film is UV stable which stops harmeful UV rays that will yellow the film, yet the film does let enough UV through that the color of the paint will fade evenly with the paint not covered by the film.

Can Max-Shield be applied to chrome?

Yes, but it is not recommended and Max-Shield will not be responsible for later damage. The adhesive used in paint protection film is very strong. Later removal of the film could pull off the finish.

My car has been repainted. Is it a good candidate for the Max-Shield paint protection system?

It is possible to cover repainted cars, however we recommend waiting at least thirty days after the paint application to insure proper curing. This is a recommendation, not a guarantee that no paint damage could occur during the removal of the film.  All installations of film on repainted vehicles are at the customers own risk with regards to paint damage. Max-Shield paint protection is recognized by many insurance companies and is routinely covered in accident claims. However, Max-Shield will not be responsible for paint damage due to repainted vehicles. If paint or clear coat comes up during an installation or removal, it is a paint issue, not an installation or removal issue. Max-Shield does not have any liability.

imagePaint Protection Film
Is warranted against yellowing, cracking or peeling for Life*
imageProtect the leading areas of your vehicle
From rocks, gravel, salt or insects
imageProtect your investment!
Recoup nearly all of your initial investment in Paint Protection Film at trade in time! Thanks to retaining a perfect finish you should see a condition adjustment that will pay equal the investment you make with Max-Shield.